Automation Systems & Procedures in
Cement Industry

The cement manufacturing process is complex, involving several stages and operations. Automation is crucial in optimizing these processes, ensuring efficient production, and minimizing waste. Automated systems, such as SCADA and PLC technology, provide accurate and efficient control of the production process, reducing human error, increasing productivity, and ensuring consistent quality control. At ZSYSA Automation, we offer a comprehensive range of automation products and solutions, including control systems for material handling, kiln control systems, and plant-wide automation systems.

Best Solution for
Cement Industry Automation

ZSYSA Automation specializes in providing high-quality automation solutions for various industries, including the cement industry. Our expertise and state-of-the-art machinery enable us to provide tailored automation solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. We offer a wide range of equipment, including programmable controllers, sensors, valves, motors, and drives, from renowned industrial automation brands to ensure the best quality.

Plant Automation Can Increase

In today's highly competitive market, cement manufacturers must innovate continuously to stay ahead. Automation plays a crucial role in helping cement plant managers overcome the persistent challenges faced by the industry. By automating manufacturing processes, cement manufacturers can improve competitiveness, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall performance.

ZSYSA Automation Products for Cement Industry

ZSYSA Automation offers a wide range of products from renowned industrial automation brands to the cement industry. Here are a few examples:


These brands are leaders in the industrial automation industry and provide top-quality equipment and machinery for the cement industry sector. Our team at ZSYSA Automation works closely with these brands to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their automation needs. We also offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for all the equipment we provide, ensuring that our customers can rely on our products for years to come. We have a wide network worldwide to provide cement sector equipment from some of the best and most renowned industrial automation brands in the market. ZSYSA has years of experience in delivering quality products fast and efficiently. As we are totally focused company on industrial automation, therefore, we always try to provide the best machinery and equipment to our most valued customers in the cement industry. We always look forward to introduce latest machinery equipped with modern automation solutions to our clients worldwide. At ZSYSA, we are absolutely aware of the changing demands of our customers in the cement sector and we meet these changing demands by our clients with a professional and dynamic approach.

We Deal in All Major Brands

In addition to these brands, we have delivered many products of various famous international brands in cement industry such as:


Testing Segment

We have developed and implemented an effective mechanism through our state-of-the-art equipment for the evaluation testing segment of the cement industry. We offer a range of testing equipment, including compressive strength testers, flexural strength testers, and cement setting time testers, among others, providing accurate data on the performance of cement products. Our testing solutions allow us to perform accurate and reliable testing providing valuable insights into and help to determine critical information about the properties of cement, including strength, durability, and setting time, ensuring the highest quality of the final product.