Best Solutions for Plant Automation

Increasing power demands put pressure on plants worldwide, leading to necessary new technology and refurbishment. ZSYSA Automation investigates the most suitable options available for power plant automation, whether installing new systems or retrofitting old ones. Our performance-enhancing products and equipment increase efficiency and minimize downtime.

Control Anything from Anywhere

Large power plants are typically supervised and controlled by production and maintenance staff that uses the process control system as a tool to automate process functions and gather and present information to be used by short- and long-term staff decision-makers. We provide best automation solution to power plants to control and monitor the power generation process sitting in a state of the art control room.

Automation for Energy

ZSYSA Automation's technology and services for power plant automation support sustainable and safe energy production with lower emissions and improved energy, material and operational efficiency. Our vast experience in power plant automation covers a wide array of intelligent solutions for different power plant types.

  • Tiastar™ low-voltage motor control centers
  • Low Voltage Transformers
  • Medium Voltage Transfer and Bypass Isolation Switches
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Sentron Busway Systems
  • Power Panels
  • Lighting Panels

Some of the products have been listed here from General Electric such as:

  • High Performance Controller(HPCI)
  • Power Electronic Controller (PECE)
  • P80 - Pilot




We Deal in All Major Brands

In addition to this, we have delivered many products of various other brands in power sector such as:


Testing Segment

The electric power industry is commonly split up into four processes. These are electricity generation such as a power station, electric power transmission, electricity distribution and electricity retailing. We have implemented an effective mechanism of evaluation testing segment for power sector to align its monitoring activities (inspection and analytical testing) with areas that pose the greatest risk to power failure, electricity breakdown in power generation plants.